Eagle Resume Service

Debi -Corona

So grateful for Eagle Services. Can’t thank them enough. Out of college and looking for that first great job isn’t an easy task. I had been turned down for jobs eight times. Each job interview I went on, I was not hired. I was curious as to why I was not being selected for the job. Every employer said, you are qualified, but we chose someone else who has more experience and more qualifications than I have. Of course, this is disappointing. So, I decided not to give up but to seek some help in my job interview techniques, I felt it had to be something I was doing wrong. So, upon my research, I came across Eagle Resume Services. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. Immediately, Jacqueline Renee pointed out some key areas that I was totally unaware of. Eagle Services created my resume, coached me on interview tips, how to dress for the interview, and answered all my questions and concerns. After Jacqueline’s coaching, I became more confident in my job skills. Finally, after her assistance and coaching, I got my dream job!!! Excellent pay, and great benefits. Just when we think we are all put together and believe we know how to attend an interview, think again. I recommend Eagle Resume Services to anyone. Thank you, Jacqueline of Eagle Services...


I just wanted to say thank you Jacqueline, and express how pleased I have been with your service. My resume looked great. She is very  professional, talented and has a great sense of customer service. It is rare that you find a person with these qualities. Jacqueline also helped me prepare for my interview and I nailed it!

T.K. -Riverside

I have to say, the look and sound of the resume, and cover letter is overwhelming. I worked with Jacqueline and she is the best, she helped me promote. I am so glad she started Eagle Resume Service to help people build their confidence with interviewing, she definitely helped me. I was very shy and she helped me to overcome my fears by "just talking" as, she puts it when interviewing. Jacqueline has such a good heart to match her Beauty.. (she's going to get me for this)

Thank you Jacqueline

Nat- Banning

I just started college and I applied for a summer internship. Nervous that I do not know what to put in a resume I just graduated high school.  I asked Jacqueline if she would build my resume and cover letter and she did a great job. The prices are not bad either. My mom was impressed &  My college counselor said, my resume was well written. Thank you Jacqueline


I've considered Jacqueline a mentor for many years. She had guided and shaped me into the best version of myself through our one on one meetings. We've worked on writing and rewording my resume to include key work experience and buzz words that hiring departments are looking for. We have done several mock interviews where Jacqueline provided feedback on how to form my answers and key points to address. I found our meetings incredibly helpful. Since Jacqueline and I started working together, I have applied for and received two promotions at work. Without Jacqueline's help I don't believe I would have gotten to this point so soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


I just want to send a shout out to Eagle Resume service. Sometimes all a person needs is a little help, a little understanding and some practice to get over the "fear and insecurity" hump of interviewing for a job that is so badly wanted and needed.

The mock interviews, the conversations and the understanding gained is tremendously helpful. Eagle Resume Service and Jacqueline Renee's professionalism is superb, I mean truly top notch! I recommend this company and especially Jacqueline Renee to anyone who needs a big or little boost with this resume and interviewing stuff, or if all you need is to know that someone is there to support you in your job search adventures.

THANK YOU Eagle Resume Service, Thank you Jacqueline Rene for being there for all of us who truly need you...!

M. Williams, Nevada

Simply Remarkable!

The resume assistance and coaching received from the staff at Eagle Resume was hands down game changing when applying for positions. After a few sessions with Jacqueline, I interviewed for several employment opportunities and received multiple job offers. I am presently working and truly thankful for her efforts and support.